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An Overanalysis - At Gerad’s Work (A Conversation)

So I went to Gerad’s work again after class. After about 30 minutes of sipping my hot water infused with lime and lemon, we eventually reach a conversation where we talk about our “type.”

So here’s how my “standards” list went:

- Educated (Must be in college or finished college)

- Money (Must not be struggling financially)

- Taller than me (This is actually a PLUS, not a standard)

- Cute

- Good at something (Not video games! Musical instruments, art, sports, etc.)

That’s it. Gerad then asked me about personality, which I said I had no preference for. My reason for saying that is - Sure. Everyone has different personalities, but I find that it’s up to you to adapt to a certain kind and mesh well with the personalities. Also, I don’t find that you “really” know a person until you’re actually with them (dating). Once you’re dating that person I think you get to see both extremes of the person (good & bad). So basically - I find that you can still find some sincere goodness and genuine aspect to that person, despite personality.

The con with this of course is you have to be extremely patient. I noticed that, thanks. No one has the patience to hang out with an asshole and wait until he does a genuine move. “Thanks asshole.”

Well of course I didn’t say that as eloquent as I wanted. I kind of struggle with saying my thoughts aloud actually. So I just said “I HAS NO PREFERENCE FOR PERSONALITY, HEAHEH.” Gerad was kind of taken aback, stating that a of people have shit personalities - that some people chose to stay close minded, some people act as if they know issues, some people are just obnoxious.

The con with this is my argument at the top ^. Just because someone’s an asshole doesn’t mean they’re a COMPLETE asshole.

BUT! Back to the point. After looking at my standards Gerad pointed out that I’m superficial????????



Basically, what bothers me is that I care about personality to the point where I accept almost any personality - to the point where I almost don’t care about (because in my ignorant little head I can somehow mesh with anyone, I just have to be patient enough) - to the point where I chose to dissect myself from even considering the notion of personality -  to the point where personality is not a standard

which brings me to the conclusion,

I’m superficial. Fuck.

$$$$$, Talent, Taller, Cute, College Grad. Yum.

Good luck finding that Cheerful. You shit.

Waterless Sunday

Seriously been keyed everyday.


Long night (Elaine’s grad thing, random mangi lesbian house party, Ralphy’s, Casa - Shotstosthosthospotposthostpohso). I wasn’t quite as messed up as I thought I was last night, but still. I woke up around 6 am in Charles’s house. Got home around 8 in order to make it to the 10 am church in Harmon. Neither was I able to eat dinner last night nor breakfast. PLUS! There is no water in Agat. I JUST WANT TO SHOWER. I JUST WANT BREAKFAST.

Water isnt going back on until 6 pm.




Oh, and the song? It’s to add more to my exciting Sunday of a series of unproductive events.

sleep+sleep+sleep+food=fat. I need to run tonight. Dammit.


Ranchero Night

destroyed me


I have to go to dededo, then wettengel for a rugby game

then some party

and some house party tonight

i guess


That song is hella fun to drum to:)

Schoo of 7 bells is coo

I never got to mention

I got pushed in a pool (deep part) because someone thought it would be funny. Funny thing is - They did not know that I could not swim. Ouchhhhh. But I swam for the first time and survived. Yey. Btw, my voice is back at 85%. Being sick + summer school = bummer.

First morning of June 2011

And I’m spending it reading a 100 page reading for PS225. Thank goodness I’m on pg 60. Too bad I don’t understand anything I’m reading HA.HA. Sure?

Orientalism? PFFFFFFFFFt. Boring.

grad night, told you i’d blog about it.

So it was the class of 2011’s graduation at UOG. YEY. Congrats to my polisci - my psych people & the computer science people. Congrats my friends congrats. We’re all hung over (at least Annette is) and I am sick as hell! yay >.>

So it’s 2pm. The ceremony is starting and I am fucking making leis in the behavior lab. LOL. Yeah. Talk about last fucking minute. I made toy soldier leis because I did not know of any other leis to make. I actually wanted to make Diane an alcoholic lei. You know, tequila tequila blahblahblah. SO - COMMENCEMENT WAS OVER. BLAH. I WAS SICK AS HELL. My voice was so scratchy. I was so weak. Whatever. This is not even the juicy shet yet.

It was 7pm. I was fortunate enough to take a 30 minute nap in Diane’s sisters condo in order to regenerate. Eventually I rode with Diane to Planet Hollywood. YUMMY. I found Gerad working, got to chill for a little. The food was not bad too. Super yummy salmon and mashed potatoes. There was even a model thing going downstairs. I saw a bunch of people I knew from school. It was okaaaaay I guess.

After the dinner, I decided that I wanted to go home. Mind you I was really sick. I had (HAVE) no voice. It hurts. My ears are clogged. My nose is clogged. Everything just hurts. Ugh. So I made like 10 minute drama deciding whether or not I wanted to leave. Eventually I decided to stay… Just because a grad night does only happen once. ONCE.

We went to a random hotel suite (?) at Nikko. They downed a bottle of captain. I took a little bit over a shot ONLY. Holy shit. I was the driver for the night because everyone was getting EVEN more drunk with another 1/3 of a bottle in the car. Then we went to Mac n Marty’s.

I wanted to drink more. Ugh. I was so bored out of my mind because everyone was just being so loud and rowdy. When we got to Mac n Marty’s I just wanted to split. Some drama had ensued and I just wanted to chill and walk around. EHHHHHHHH. So I walked to Holiday Inn and had Gerad pick me up since he was off of work. We went to Casa, which was lame as heck at the time. Then I asked him to drop me off back at Mac n Marty’s because I got over my silliness. POOp.

I rolled up and Diane and Ciera were right outside. LOL. They were so pissed at me but whatever. We ended up driving to Kmart to get another bottle of Captain so they can drink. LOL. SHIT. We ended up going back to Mac nMarty’s but the bouncer haole useless shit for brains mother fucker did not want to go inside! What a douche. I kept explaining that I was not going to drink and shit. I was just there for my friends grad. But he kept insisting that 21 means 21. What a lametard. So we ended up going to Santa Fe.

The MORE DRAMA happened in the parking lot of Santa Fe. I ended up walking to the lobby of the hotel. Chilling out again. UGH. I called people to pick me up but they were all too groggy to even understand anything. So I walked to the bar. I ended up finding Ciera and dancing with her and Mark. I was so sweaty like wtf. I found Diane and we all ended up dancing. I guess. Oh! I even got to see Rebecca that stupid bitch! hahaha! So fun. We just all ended up dancing.

I left the dance floor because I was feeling dirty. Literally. 20 different types of sweat of was on my body. I walked towards the pool to cool down. Ahhhhh. Then I lost the drunk people. I called Diane and told her to go to the pool - I assumed that they knew how to get to the pool through the bar but instead they went on the sand to get to the pool. WTF. LOL. Diane ended up sitting on the infinity pool. That resulted in her cellphone getting drenched. Eveyone was just so out of it.

TEHN, we had to pick up Jill and Charles at BK because once again some drama had ensued at BK about Charles and Coldstone… IDK. I just remember being scared because the vibe was so awkward.

Charles forgot his keys somewhere and we went to Casa to go get Kyle (whose car has the keys). We got Kyle (who abandoned with some chick) and drove back to NIkko where allthis chaos had begun. Kyle was still missing with the chick. We found them in the parking lot and Charles was able to get his keys.

The ladies ended up going to McDonalds to get food. THEY needed to sober up. I was not hungry at all.

I dropped Jill, dropped Ciera to her car. Dropped myself to my car. Got home 420ish sober as fuck.

bored on a saturday morning

I guess it’s hella chill. Not that being chill is a bad thing. Last summer was just plain craziness. My parents were gone. My grandmother was gone. I was banking. The price of gas was not overbearing. All those things combined just equaled house parties - drunk drives - hi-drives - YOU KNOW. 

This year is more like, chill at someone’s house. Because, you know, I can’t drink at a bar. SCUKS. Even with this, all the crazy parties aren’t even happening this year. UGH? The fucking carabao mangoes aren’t even growing this year! What bullshat?

I’ve been playing guitar a lot. Processing things to keep busy. 

ODD - So it’s been raining a lot. I got sick. COOL. I get sick from the rain, but when I go hiking and running in the rain I don’t.

Blargh blargh blargh.

School starts again next week. Not looking forward to that.

Man. I am totally, totally, NOT getting that fucking congressional thing. I mean I applied, but seriously? :( Bleh.


i think i’m going to make a proposal on that instead of alzheimers.


this weekend i found out that my uncle has lung cancer.


so many
















Create something next semester

devote this shit to muse

instead of someone new 

few summer aspirations

learn french

go maryland

ace my summer class

have fun

burn dealed, not burnt out


Sunday night (hungover) - COPUOS paper was “due.” Did not sleep the whole night. paper wasn’t even due.

Monday night - Romer v Evans case was “due.” Did not sleep the whole night. case wasn’t even due.

tonight - give up. sleep? 

I’m doing so much work and shit gets pushed back! BITCH!


Dude! No wonder why I got so fucked up last night!!! Gawd. 

7 glasses of wine - a patron shot - 2 bottles of captain for 6 people - and a bottle of parrot bay??



Btw, talking in a british accent for kings cup is TOOOO fucking funny.


Cinco de mayo - waz fun. i haven’t longboarded in years. and rode a bike in double those years. doesn’t halp that i was drunku. 

life is cool for now. i’m sleepy but i’ll do my hwhwhw now. hahaarhaksja

Studying at home

is always a fail for me.

going to study smewhere i dunno


SO I was working on this fucking constitutional paper. FUCKING BULLSHIT difficult hard as HELL! UGHHHHHHH. Min 15 pages. KILL ME.

I pushed that back to study for my MA385 exam which was SUPPPOSED to be TDOAY. but got pushed back to thursday.


So I made a super shitty 10 pg paper. I’m totally failing weinberg.